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20 Dec


Many businesses implement the traditional WAN model for their business needs. However, the growing demands of working have placed an enormous strain on this design. The traditional architecture was not made to handle today’s increasing migrations to cloud solutions. This has led to a very poor user application experience.

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22 December

Manage Your Enterprise Network with Cisco DNA Center for Maximum Performance

In the age of information, networks are more important to business than ever. However, the traditional network models fall short to keep up with the ever-increasing complexity, scale, data, applications and users. These demands call for a network management solution that can automate the processes of deployment and connectivity, without compromising the quality and security of the network.

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24 Dec

The Rise of Cognitive Collaboration

As we move forward in the digital age, we are witnessing a continuous change in the face of the modern workforce. An office is no longer confined within the brick and mortal walls of a building. It has spread across multiple locations and even time zones.

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26 Dec

Unified Threat Management with Cisco Meraki MX

Every business faces constant threats to their digital presence from every direction in the digital world. If you think attacking a network is difficult, the task of securing one is even more complex. The IT teams of these businesses have to be constantly on guard against a variety of attacks including phishing attempts, viruses, trojans, spyware and many more. Trusted network switching partner Ternatecan help you achieve desired level of privacy and protection.

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